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1-      By our B2B TOURBEDS GLOBAL RESERVATION System, You can Reserve all of your international and local flight tickets for your customers.

2-      By our B2B TOURBEDS GLOBAL RESERVATION System, You can Reserve your customers hotel or Apartment hotel by ing their nationality of passports ( please notice your ing kind of nationality of passport must be same as (match with) the customer passport that checking to reserved hotel  ),  B2B TOURBEDS GLOBAL RESERVATION System  has the ability of ing 255 different kinds of nationalities of passports.

3-      You can Reserve your customers needed transfer  from airport to hotel or vice versa in all of the points for 55 countries, specially in TURKEY country.

4-      B2B TOURBEDS GLOBAL RESERVATION System has 2 kinds of methods of payment :

First : By Credit Card : You can pay for your reservations directly with your own or customer credit card.

Second: by your charged account of your company in B2B TOURBEDS GLOBAL

So by the above method you can charge  your user account as much as you need in our B2B TOURBEDS GLOBAL RESERVATION System and then Reserve your booking.

For more information you can contact to following number  whatssapp :

+90 545 673 8116



1-      For access to your Agency user you can go to  and click on Login button then will open

1-      For subscribing in our website you can click on here button as the above page.

                The subscribing page will be opened.             

1-      Please fill out the necessary mentioned of your information ( name, surname, contact number and email)

2-      Please fill out your company information ( name of company ….)

3-      Please fill out the details of necessary contact information ( contact  Adress and number )

4-      Then you should click on “ i am not a robot”  and then click on Send button

Your fulfilled form will send to our company and we will make an User for your company.

1-      After you recieve your User from our IT DEPT.  You can open  and after click on LOGIN and then openning

2-      Now you can sign in by  your user and sent password .

After sign in the above page will be opened. You can change language of system by  clicking on the bottom of the page buttons.
For flight reservation you should click on FLIGHTS button,  for hotel reservation click on HOTELS and for reservation of transfer you should click on TRANSFER button. 
For making a new user for your employees or change your  user password, you should click on USER MANAGMENT .
For Review of your reservation list you should click on REPORT button, for your Account balance and payment details, should click on FINANCE button.  For easy  using of B2B TOURBEDS GLOBAL RESERVATION System , We will explain about all of above mentioned buttons in the following parts. 
How you can RESERVE FLIGHTS :                    

When you click on FLIGHTS,  the above page will be opened.

1-you should mention to your customer origin departure airport in the part of FROM, and mention your customer main destination in TO part. In both of parts please the name of airports that system will show to you as  your wanted city.

2-Mention the date of flight in Departure part date and if need the Return flight  you should click on the  part and mention to  Return date part but if you do not want return flight,  put this part empty.

3-Please mention to your number of adults ( over 12 years old) for your passengers.

4-Mention to your number of children ( 2 – 12 years old) please be honest in ing children as your passengers passport date of birth. Otherwhise in date of flight in airport the differenc will be charge by the airline counter.

5-If there is any infants in your passengers you should mention the number of infants in INFANT part. please be honest in ing children as your passengers passport date of birth. Otherwhise in date of flight in airport the differenc will be charge by the airline counter.

In the bottom of page,  in Baggage Option part, the With Baggage, otherwise if you do not click on this button, you will see the cheaper rates but with no  permission for baggage and in this mistake you have to pay  the over charge for your customer baggage’s cost in airport and it will be very expensive per KG .

6-For showing the results of your details, please the SEARCH button.

 Regarding to shown list of flights,  you can your flight ans should click on circle beside of ticket RATE.

Go to bottom of page and click on CONTINUE BOOKINNG.

 In this part you can see your ed filght, if you are going to pay by your passenger’s credit card, you should mention to your estimated amount that you want to get from customer as Commission in Agency Commission part(tab), for example” 20 or 30 or … can type it in that part. For change of currency you can see a part in right side to your wanted currency and change it as credit card kind of currency for payment. OR if you will pay by  your company credit card or your company current account , so you will not add commission amount.

 In PASSENGER INFO, please enter the passenger gender (sex), and in the English language enter the name and then in next tab enter the surname of passenger according to their passport details.

In the part of Contact Information, please enter the passenger contact details like emergency call number and E-mail address in order to inform them if probably there will be any changes made by airline in flight.

In the AGENCY NOTE part you can add any extra details or explanation.

For PAYMENT OPTION  you have two methods of payments, you can pay by Credit card so you should Pay by Credit Card OR you can pay by your Company Current charged account, so you can Pay by Current Account. then you will click on TICKET button and your ticket will be issued, you can print and deliver to your passenger.


For reservation of any hotel in any region of all of the world, you can go to MAIN PAGE and click on HOTELS button.

When you click on HOTLES in main page, the above page will be opened. You can use and click on QUICK SEARCH or ADVANCED SEARCH to search.

In the Advanced search you can the Country, City, District and the hotel, the search in the Quick search is more easier so in the following part we describe about it : 

Quick search :

1-you can type the name of hotel or the name of city and region that passenger want hotel

2-In the  Guest nationality tab  you can kind of  your passenger nationality which by that passport your passenger wants to check in to hotel. (please be noticed the rates of hotels depend of nationalities are different so if your ed nationality will be different of  passengers check in passport nationality, the rate will be different in check in time and TOURBEDS GLOBAL COMPANY will not accept and take any responsibility about your mistake in  this Regard.)

3-please enter the date of check in to hotel and also the check out date of hotel.

4-In the adult tab please enter the number of adults and in child tab enter number of children, when you number of children, you can see the range of ages of children tab will be opened, so you should mention to ages of children according to their date of birth,  ex: 6, 9, or 11…

5-in the next step you should click on search button to continue and you can see the following page:

 In the left side of page  you can see filter buttons to filter the type of hotel level and services.

For ing kind of room, you should click on ROOM button.

 After ing the type of room, you can click on BOOK button to continue:

 In the top right side of above page, you can see the remain time of booking your reservation and payment.

In the top of page, you can see your reservation details booked like kind of room, service and date and rate.

- If you use of your passenger credit card to do payment, in the AGENCY COMMISSION part (tab) you can mention the of your commission amount OR if you like to mention the amount of commission in numbers (ex. 20,30, or …) you can mention in Agency Extra Commission and then please click on + button

In this part in the right side, you can the type of currency which you want to pay and can change the kind of currency as the credit card currency payment type.

-If you use of your charged current account in system, it is not necessary to add  commissions parts.

 In the above page you can see the conditions of accepting passenger by hotel.

1-for example: some of hotels may mention that they will not accept single man in every types of rooms without female or family.

2-After finishing and booking your hotel reservation, may you see in site appear some lower prices. Please do not repeat your booking because your reservation with your passengers names are in our hotel and booked.

3-In fifth option, you can see the time of check in and check out time of hotel.

Please be noticed of mentioned conditions meanwhile reserving hotel.

In the bottom of this page you can see hotel terms of conditions policy of cancelling reservation. About the time of free cancellation or other conditions of cancelling time and penalties.

In the above page, GUEST INFORMATION you should enter the gender, name and surname, date of birth as their passports. In the CONTACT INFORMATION, you should mention to passengers email and phone numbers.

In the PAYMENT TYPE you should type of payment by credit card or your current charged account.

For final reservation you should click on BUY button.  OR you can click on RESERVE button in the middle of page to reserve your hotel without payment up to mentioned  time and date

You can receive and if you want print the voucher of hotel for your passenger after final payment.


Please go to main page and click on TRANSFER button.

1-In the FROM tab you can the place of starting transfer, if start of transfer is in airport, please the name of airport or if the start point is hotel, please the name of hotel.

2-Mention in the TO  tab the destination point of transfer. If destination point of transfer is  airport please the name of airport or if destination point is hotel, please the name of hotel.

3-Type the date of transfer.

4-Select the number of adults and children and click on SEARCH  button.

5-If you need the Return transfer, you can click on this part and fulfill the part of return necessary parts too .

you can see the list of car types with the amount of their  rates , you can your wanted type of car and continue your reservation by clicking on BUY button.

 The above page will be opened.

1-After controlling the date, origin and destination points,  you should enter the flight details of passenger.

2-If you need the airport transfer to hotel, you should the time of arriving flight ( the point of starting tranfer).

3-If your wanted transfer is from hotel to airport, you should mention to time of moving from hotel in  PICK UP TIME part in system and enter the FLIGHT DEPARTURE TIME mentioned in passenger ticket.

 4-You can the type of currency as the passenger credit card currency type and enter your agency commission.

5-Enter the gender, name and surname of passengers and continue in payment part.

6-For continue reservation, doing payment and getting voucher for your passenger should click on BUY buttons.


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